High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) — is the newest high-tech method of local treatment of human tumors, based on the impact of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves, without damaging the skin, surrounding tissues and organs.

The technology has found its application in clinical practice in many countries of the world: France, Italy, England, USA, China, Russia.

In the opinion of leading specialists, including foreign specialists, engaged in this technique, the range of application of the method is quite wide: gynecology, oncology, urology.

The effectiveness of the implemented innovation technology has been confirmed in accordance with the accumulated world experience, literature data and the opinion of leading foreign experts in this field.

The founders of the method convincingly proved its effectiveness on the basis of basic statistical indicators, including 5-year survival. More than 100 thousand operations have been performed in the world in recent years.

In Russia, in the National Pirogov Medical and Surgical Center, this method has been introduced into clinical practice since 2009.

The work is carried out in two main areas: gynecology (uterine myoma) and oncology (primary and secondary tumor lesions of the liver, pancreatic tumors).

The accumulated experience, obtained results of histological studies, confirm that as a result of the remote action of high-intensity focused ultrasound, necrosis is formed in the tumor site, which allows to stop the growth of education (in oncology, the cytoreductive effect) and to achieve further stabilization, as well as reduction of the sizes of such foci. The method should be considered as a variant of final treatment in patients with benign lesions, and as a stage of complex treatment of cancer patients.