The current level of development of the society, success in studying and modeling various technologies, processes and systems allow developing revolutionary technologies in all fields of science, including in medicine.

The last years of the last century were marked by the rapid development and introduction into medical science and practice of innovative technologies in the field of nanotechnology, robotics, microelectronics, thereby unlimitedly expanding the possibilities of modern medicine

Being one of the largest in the country multidisciplinary medical and prophylactic medical institutions, the National Pirogov Medical and Surgical Center has a wide range of opportunities for providing medical and diagnostic and rehabilitation services. Modern equipment, the newest high technologies of diagnostics and treatment, developed and patented by the specialists of the Center, allow to regularly conduct research and operations, which were recently considered unique in the world medical practice.

Combining tradition and technology in the name of patient health

The use of various technologies for the implementation of precise localization of the target during surgery in a real patient.

Single-photon emission computed tomography, combined with X-ray computed tomography (SPECT/CT)
Allows timely, at the molecular level, to diagnose cancer, cardiological, neurological, endocrine, infectious diseases in the early stages.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Complex
The only universal robotic system with remote control in the world. In the clinical practice of the Pirogov Center, a robotic surgical complex has been in use since November 2008.

Cardiac shockwave therapy (CSWT)
Noninvasive method of treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD), which allows to treat patients in situations when traditional surgical approaches (coronary bypass, endovascular stenting, etc.) are impossible.

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
The newest high-tech method of local treatment of human tumors, based on the impact of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves, without damaging the skin, surrounding tissues and organs.

High-tech ultrasound, simultaneously combining the possibilities of endoscopic and ultrasound diagnosis of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, bile ducts and liver.