Chief of the department: Saidova Zarema Omarovna, M.D., physical-therapist of the highest category, the doctor-reflexotherapist.

What Do We Treat

Pain syndromes of various etiology, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation after injuries, strokes, surgical interventions, diseases of the therapeutic profile, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, emotional disorders, diseases of the autonomic nervous system, etc.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment

  • Physiotherapy:
    • Magnetotherapy;
    • Electrotherapy (all types of currents);
    • Electrophoresis of medicinal substances;
    • Inhalational treatment;
    • Laser therapy;
    • Heat and light therapy;
    • Ultrasound therapy;
    • Cryotherapy;
    • Shock Wave Therapy.
  • All kinds of therapeutic massage. Lymphatic drainage, traction therapy. Balance therapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Manual therapy;
  • Homeostasis;
  • All kinds of electrostimulation;
  • Therapeutic exercise, original methods of using simulators and other rehabilitation equipment.
Therapeutic exercise

The department uses the latest equipment, modern high-tech devices for physiotherapy, rehabilitation equipment of famous foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Physiotherapy is an excellent addition, and in some cases the main method of treating various diseases. It is indispensable during rehabilitation and recovery after illness, for the prevention of exacerbations of diseases.

The objectives of rehabilitative treatment are to counteract the effects of hypokinesia and maintain the physical activity of patients, restore the impaired functions of systems and organs, and adapt to physical stress.

Acupuncture is a unique ancient technique, thanks to which you can treat a variety of diseases, raise immunity, relieve pain, get rid of depression, improve sleep and even lose weight.

Manual therapy is a method of treatment that has proven itself in the treatment of damage to the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, back pain, postural disorders, headaches, dizziness.

Advice to patients

Physiotherapeutic treatment is carried out according to the prescribing physician, the choice of the type and purpose of the course treatment is performed by a physiotherapist.

Special preparation for the procedures is not required.

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Manual therapy
Robotic Technologies

Contact Information

Address: 105203, Moscow, Nizhnyaya Pervomayskaya street, 65 (corner of the 15th Park Street)

Phone: +7 (499) 464-03-03

How to reach us by using a public transport

“Pervomaiskaya” metro station (last carriage of the train out of the city centre). From “Pervomaiskaya” metro station by any tram or trolley bus go to the stop “15th Parkovaya Street”. Go along the 15th Park Street to the intersection with the Nizhnyaya Pervomaiskaya Street, turn right and walk about a hundred meters to the entrance of the CDC “Izmailovsky”.