Chief of the department: Vedeneva Elena Vladimirovna, dentist-therapeutist of the highest category, Ph.D.

What Do We Treat

Dental department with orthopedic dentistry department of CDC “Arbatsky” since 2001 provides the whole range of services in the field of prevention and treatment of dental diseases: treatment of caries and its complications, restoration of teeth with orthopedic and therapeutic methods, restoration of dentition, correction of occlusion, outpatient surgery in the oral cavity , tooth extraction of any complexity, implantation, prosthetics on implants, treatment of periodontal tissue diseases.

We use modern, advanced equipment, tools, materials and technologies, so we are confident in the high quality of all treatments. Rigid sanitary requirements for the processing and storage of medical instruments and materials are a guarantee of your safety.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment

1) Inspection, consultation with the preparation of a preliminary treatment plan.

2) Research using additional methods: laboratory, modern panoramic and sighting radiovisiography.

3) Professional oral hygiene:

  • Removal of tartar with Pieson Master;
  • Air plaque removal.

Teeth Whitening:

  • With the system Opalescence Boost;
  • Making a cap for home whitening Opalescence Boost;
  • Teeth whitening ZOOM 4.

Procedures for deep fluorination, remineralization of enamel.

4) Filling and cosmetic restoration of teeth using modern materials (Filtek Ultemate, Gradia, SDR):

  • Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis, preparation for prosthetics using modern systems: Pro-Taper, ProFile, including using a microscope;
  • Microprosthetics (manufacture of ceramic linings Inlay, Overlay).

5) Extraction of teeth of any complexity (dystopic, retininated, wisdom teeth):

  • Implantation with the Nobel system, Alpha-Bio;
  • Sinus-lifting, replanting of inert tissue Bio-Oss;
  • Soft tissue plastic;
  • Elimination of gum recession;
  • Dental preservation;
  • Preparation of the oral cavity for the installation of removable dentures;
  • Surgery on periodontal tissues.

6) Manufacturing of non-removable orthopedic structures:

  • Ceramic inserts;
  • Inlay core (based on gold-containing alloys, gold-palladium-platinum alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, titanium alloys, zirconium-oxide alloys and aluminum oxide);
  • Crowns (from zirconium dioxide, cermet);
  • Crowns on implants;
  • Veneers (ceramic);
  • Non-metal ceramics by Emax technology.

7) Manufacturing of removable orthopedic structures:

  • Clasp prosthesis;
  • Plate removable dentures (complete removable, partially removable);
  • Immediate prosthesis;
  • Nylon dentures;
  • Acry Free Dentures.

8) Correction of bite and alignment of teeth using Clarity, Victory, Caps system — Invisalign.

Therapeutic dentistry

Dentists-therapists quickly and professionally will relieve you of toothache, qualitatively conduct diagnostics and treatment of carious lesions of the tooth, treatment of root canals, restore with seals indistinguishable in appearance and strength from dental tissues. If necessary, art restoration of teeth by modern polymers Filtek Ultimate, Filtek Z250, Cradia Direct, Smart Dentin Replacement. We perform endodontic treatment of complex teeth using a microscope.


Professional oral hygiene is carried out with the use of the Piezon Master 600 ultrasound machine, removal of hard and soft dental deposits, removal of pigmented, colored, microbial plaque with the Air-Flow sandblaster.

Treatment of various forms of periodontitis is carried out by the ultrasound device Vector, which in some cases allows to avoid surgical treatment.

Unlike traditional methods of treatment of periodontal diseases, the first Vector procedure for a long time relieves tartar, bleeding gums and bad breath.

In severe cases of periodontal diseases, surgical methods are used: patchwork operations in conjunction with the method of directed tissue regeneration, open and closed curettage, closing of recessions.

To whiten enamel teeth, we apply the most effective and safe methods, including “office” and home whitening. The procedure of “office” bleaching takes about an hour, and the effect of the procedure with proper hygiene of the patient’s oral cavity is retained for a long time. Our doctors will gladly teach you the proper oral hygiene, will select the means and methods of oral care individually.

In the dental department of CDC “Arbatsky” the latest equipment for teeth whitening ZOOM 4 lamp is used.

It’s more than just whitening! In the ZOOM 4 lamp, built-in light no longer emits ultraviolet radiation, as in previous models. LED lamp, based on innovative LED technology, does not heat the tooth tissue, but gently activates the gel and whitening passes faster and more carefully.

Benefits of Philips Zoom


  • Up to 8 shades of whitening;
  • 45-60 minutes clean procedure time;
  • In just 1 visit to the dentist.


  • 25% hydrogen peroxide is one of the low concentrations of peroxide among whitening systems activated by light;
  • Alkaline gel medium, does not cause demineralization of tooth tissues;
  • ACP-amorphous calcium phosphate strengthens the enamel and fills the dentinal tubules, which contributes to a decrease in sensitivity.


  • All components for the procedure are included in the kit and do not require pre-mixing.

Contact Information

Address: Moscow, Gagarinsky lane, 37 (metro station Smolenskaya of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line or metro station Kropotkinskaya)

Phone: +7 (499) 464-03-03