November 30 Pirogov Center hosted a scientific and practical conference Epilepsy 2019: focus on neuroradiology. It was attended by over 350 delegates  leading specialists in the field of medical imaging in Russia and foreign experts.

This year, the focus of the event was on neuroimaging and diagnosis of epilepsy.

The conference was opened by the General Director of the Pirogov Center  Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Oleg Karpov, as well as the head of the St. Luke Institute of Pediatric Neurology and Epilepsy, Professor Konstantin Mukhin.

The participants discussed the latest achievements in the X-Ray diagnosis and radiological diagnosis of epilepsy. Russian experts and their colleagues from abroad exchanged professional experience, and also examined the visualization features of epileptogenic foci. In addition, during the event, the head of the childrens epileptological center Fochteroid (Germany), Hans Holthausen, announced a new syndromic concept related to focal cortical dysplasia and its diagnosis according to MRI data.

Doctors of the Pirogov Center also made reports in which they spoke about the modern features of the diagnosis of patients with epilepsy. At the end of the conference, delegates noted the high level of organization of the event and expressed wishes for continuing the tradition of holding a conference on the basis of the Pirogov Center.