On May 10-11, in the city of Croton (Italy), employees of the Pirogov Center took part in the 1st International Congress on Teleneurorehabilitation.

The congress was attended by delegates from Russia, USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, India, China, South Korea, Chile, Philippines, Japan. Russia was represented at the congress by the Employees of the Pirogov Center. The issues of introducing new technologies, organizational legal issues of telemedicine in different countries were discussed. Head of the Department of Rehabilitation of Patients with CNS Pathology Slepneva N.I. reported on the development of telerehabilitation in the Russian Federation, the head of the telemedicine cabinet Gorokhova I.G. shared experience of using remote neurorehabilitation technologies in the Pirogov Center. Head of the Rehabilitation Clinic Daminov V.D. took part in a meeting of experts at which a number of decisions were made on the integration of different countries into the development of telemedicine and telerehabilitation technologies.