April 8, 2019 was marked by joyful and very important for the Pirogov Center event: the opening ceremony of a new hospital building for the treatment of patients with therapeutic, neurological and rehabilitation profiles.

The festive event was attended by staff of medical units, the administration of the Pirogov Center and patients of the new building.

President of the Pirogov Center Yuri Leonidovich Shevchenko addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, noting that such events are not only evidence of strict adherence to the chosen path of development and improvement, but also inspire doctors and nurses to work with new quality in a comfortable and high-tech environment and give patients new hope of healing. Also Yu.L. Shevchenko told the team about the complex history of this building, which initially, in Soviet times, was the outpatient clinic of the Republican Clinical Hospital, and then, in the troubled nineties, fell into the ownership of foreign owners, then was actually abandoned and began to gradually collapse, which represented a threat to the entire building, separate wing of which it is. And only in 2015, after many years of efforts, the management of the Pirogov Center succeeded in returning the building to the ownership of the Russian Federation and to the operational management of the Pirogov Center, which was an unprecedented event for the history of domestic health care.

General Director Oleg Eduardovich Karpov noted that at various stages of solving the issue of returning the building from private property to state, reconstruction and equipment, invaluable assistance to the Pirogov Center was provided by the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, our founder — the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the Federal Property Management Agency, the Russian Direct Fund investment. Of course, without their support and without the cohesive work of a team of like-minded people, this project would not have taken place.

Oleg Eduardovich Karpov thanked the staff of the Pirogov Center, whose well-coordinated work, helped to renovate and equip the new building with the latest technological equipment, to recreate a single architectural ensemble, to open for patients new hospital facilities of the medical rehabilitation clinic, of the neurology department for patients with impaired cerebral circulation, of the Department of Neurophysiology and diagnostic capabilities of the Department of radionuclide and functional diagnostics. The commissioning of the new building also made it possible to implement very important and ambitious projects to create two scientific and clinical laboratories: treatment and diagnosis of epilepsy and innovative rehabilitation.

In a solemn ceremony, a symbolic ribbon was cut by the President of the Pirogov Center, Yu.L. Shevchenko and General Director O.E. Karpov. Then everyone went on a short tour of the renovated floors. The heads of departments, who received the cherished keys to new offices and wards, demonstrated new diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation capabilities of the units, improved conditions for patients, and shared their development plans. After that, President Yu.L. Shevchenko and the General Director O.E. Karpov once again addressed the medical workers with a parting word, wishing them personal and professional growth.

We believe that from this day our Pirogov Center will begin another stage in the development of its activities and in the near future will show even more impressive results for the benefit of our patients!