The staff of the Pirogov Center heartily congratulates our patients on the upcoming New Year and Merry Christmas!

All year we worked for you. We tried to be as helpful as possible, we realized your dreams of health and well-being!

Much has been done this year ...

For the first time in Russia, a robot-assisted operation was performed using the “Da Vinci” system on the thoracic spine for an ossified hernia of an intervertebral disk with spinal cord compression

The operations were performed using the “Da Vinci” robotic surgical complex for tumors of the mediastinum — the thymus gland

For the first time in Russia, a new-generation venous stent VENOVO was implanted, recanalization and stenting of deep iliac veins was performed in a patient with inferior vena cava syndrome developed after bilateral or femoral thrombosis

For the first time in Russia, epicardial ablation in Brugada syndrome was performed

New telemedicine opportunities have been introduced, including ready-made digital solutions for motor, speech and psychological rehabilitation at the home stage of treatment, which ensures the greatest efficiency and continuity of the recovery process of our patients

In the Pirogov Center, an epileptological service complying with international requirements has been created

  • Multidisciplinary team (doctors of different specialties, engineers, linguists, mathematicians and analysts, IT specialists)
  • High-tech neurosurgical service
  • Modern neurophysiological laboratory
  • Advanced Anesthesia Service
  • Modern neuroimaging (MRI, SPECT, SISCOM)

A modern diagnostic protocol for epileptogenic foci of the brain has been introduced — SISCOM (Subtraction Ictal SPECT Co-Registered to MRI) protocol

Modern techniques have been tested in the diagnosis of diseases of the salivary glands, which allow us to assess the presence of a violation of the patency of the ducts of the salivary glands with high spatial resolution and the ability to build 3D reconstructions

Reconstruction and overhaul of the areas of promising development

New conditions have been created to increase the comfort of stay and optimize the flow of patients and visitors

But we have a lot of things to do in the future. Ahead of us are great achievements for the benefit of our patients!

We sincerely wish everyone in the new year good health, peace, warmth and happiness!

Thank you for your trust. And in the new year we will try to make your dreams come true, to ensure you comfort and reliability of choice!