The Pirogov Center reached a record high in 2018 in the entire history of its work — over 40,000 patients received specialized, including high-tech, medical care in the hospital, which is 3,000 more patients than in 2017. In just 16 years since its foundation, the Pirogov Center doctors have provided inpatient medical care to more than 320,000 patients.

This was made possible thanks to the coordinated work of a highly qualified team of doctors of all specialties, middle and junior medical staff, as well as the administration and support staff of the Pirogov Center.

Pirogov Center continuously increases the intensity of the treatment process, using all available resources to increase the availability of medical care for the population of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the main priorities in the work of the Pirogov Center are the quality of medical care, an individual approach to each patient, the benevolence and professionalism of medical personnel, adherence to continuity, and the creation of comfortable conditions for treatment and rehabilitation.

We are proud that every year a unique opportunity to solve most health problems using a comprehensive and personalized approach to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation based on the latest achievements of medicine, appears in an increasing number of our patients!