In the Pirogov Center, a new unique methodology has been developed for carrying out motor, speech and psychological rehabilitation of patients of any severity at home. This methodology is based on the long-term experience of rehabilitation specialists of the Pirogov Center and the modern possibilities of IT-technologies.

The absolute majority of patients with impaired functions of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system need to be rehabilitated after discharge from the hospital.

At the end of inpatient treatment, our specialists, with the help of a library containing more than a thousand video files and special software, form an individual home rehabilitation course for the correction of lost functions.

The method of motor, speech and psychological rehabilitation of patients works as follows. Once home, the patient or his relative comes into his personal account on the site and receives a link to the video with a personal program. When the patient sits in front of the monitor and mirrors the tasks, his rehabilitation treatment becomes close to the hospital conditions. Everything is foreseen: the patient’s condition, the number of repetitions, the pauses to rest, to prepare for the following exercises. Methods are assigned to the classic, proven in many years of clinical practice, and are not an experiment. In this case, the specialist remotely sees the statistics of classes.

The use of the software does not require the installation of special programs and equipment for the patient, as it works through the browser. The interface is as simple as possible and is controlled by two keystrokes on the keyboard, which is suitable even for novice users, as well as for working in conditions with low Internet speed.

We accompany remote rehabilitation with consultations via video conferencing to correct the program if necessary. This approach allows us to raise the level of rehabilitation to the possibility of using modern IT technologies and ensure the efficiency and continuity of the recovery process for our patients.

To resolve questions about the possibility of inpatient rehabilitation, you must call the single contact center: +7 (499) 464-03-03.