On October 25-26, 2018, the XV Russian Conference with international participation “Malignant Lymphomas” was held in Moscow. A poster from the Department of Hematology and Cell Therapy of the Pirogov Center was recognized as one of the best and was awarded a report in the framework of the conference program.

The conference was attended by leading Russian scientists and experts of the European Hematological Association (EHA). The conference was devoted to the latest achievements of world hematology and the possibility of their use in Russian practice. Specialists of the antitumor drug therapy department, the department of hematology, chemotherapy and autologous bone marrow transplantation and the department of hematology of the Pirogov Center took an active part in the conference. Four poster presentations were presented. The poster “Safety and effectiveness of BeEAC conditioning before autologous transplantation of peripheral hemopoietic cells in primary-resistant forms and relapses of Hodgkin’s lymphoma” was recognized as one of the best and was given a presentation as part of the conference program. Professor Melnichenko Vladimir Yaroslavovich as the chairman held the scientific section “New possibilities of diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas — Russian studies and Russian experience”.