On October 11, a traditional presidential conference was held at the Pirogov Center.

The staff and students in the hall were warmly welcomed by the founder and president of the Center, Yu.L. Shevchenko.

The conference program was opened by the reports of employees of the Pirogov Center on international and Russian scientific forums. The speakers highlighted the main achievements and innovations, global trends in their specialties, emphasizing that the scientific and practical developments and activities of the Pirogov Center are not inferior to the leading international and domestic standards.

Rare and interesting clinical observations were presented by:

  • Chief of anesthesiology and intensive care unit No. 1 — B.A.Teplykh
    „Successful resuscitation of sudden death in the clinical unit”
  • Physician of the Department of X-ray Surgical Diagnostic and Treatment Methods — А.L. Litvinov
    „Endovascular surgery in the treatment of a patient with inferior vena cava syndrome and occlusion of the main veins of the lower extremities”
  • Chief of the Department of Neurology for Patients with Cerebrovascular Disorders — A.V. Mushba
    „Systemic thrombolysis in a patient with ischemic stroke on the background of active bleeding”
  • Surgeon of the Department of Surgery № 2 — S.S. Shimkovich
    „Giant retroperitoneal microcystic lymphangioma of the mesentery of the small intestine”
  • Clinical resident of the Department of Vascular Surgery — D.S. Konovalova
    „Minimally invasive endovascular technologies in the treatment of a patient with varicose veins of the lower extremities and the Randy-Osler-Weber disease”

The deputy general director for the medical unit N.A. Silaeva presented a report about the work during the past 9 months of this year. She noted the well-coordinated and hard work of all clinical and paraclinical departments, the positive dynamics of indicators in the main areas of medical work.

At the conference, President Yu.L. Shevchenko and O.E. Karpov solemnly handed the cup to the Pirogov Center football team, which won an honorable 3rd place in the tournament among medical and pharmaceutical companies.

At the end of the event, Yu.L. Shevchenko once again thanked all those who spoke at the conference and noted the high level of preparation of scientific reports.