Prospects for the development of public health in the region were discussed, including cooperation between the Government of the region and the Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University with the Pirogov Center. Oleg Karpov noted the high educational and scientific level of the Ryazan Medical University. According to him, for the first time three special grants will be allocated for free training in residency on the basis of the Pirogov Center to the best graduates of the Ryazan State Medical University in 2019.

According to Oleg Karpov, Pirogov Center develops cooperation with the Ryazan region. Traditionally more than 3 000 inhabitants of the region receive high-tech medical care in the Pirogov Center. So, today every 12th patient of the federal clinic is a resident of the Ryazan region. This priority for our region was the result of effective cooperation between the region’s doctors and the Pirogov Center. Oleg Karpov also stressed that medical care in the Pirogov Center for Ryazan people is at the expense of quotas, funded from the federal budget. And treatment at the expense of compulsory medical insurance is now carried out in a significant amount by the medical institutions of the region, which is a confirmation of the successful technological development of health care in the Ryazan region.

Governor Nikolai Lyubimov thanked Oleg Karpov for the great interest of the Pirogov Center to the Ryazan region and the opportunities that are open to doctors and students of the Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University in the framework of new areas of cooperation. The head of the region noted that the level of high-tech medicine in the region has grown significantly in recent years.

According to the Governor, unique operations are performed in the Ryazan region, which were previously conducted only in federal medical institutions, the material and technical base of hospitals is being updated, medical tourism is actively developing, the network of rural health posts is expanding, and the “Lean Polyclinic” project is being implemented in medical organizations. One of the main achievements was the construction in the region of a new complex of buildings of the City Clinical Emergency Hospital in Ryazan. “We had an extremely urgent need for an emergency hospital. It will become the most modern medical institution in the region, where high-tech assistance will be provided. The hospital will be ready to serve not only for residents of the region, “said Nikolai Lyubimov. — In addition, the project documentation for the construction of the oncology center of the ‘Regional Clinical Oncology Center’ is being prepared. I am confident that with your help and with the support of the federal center, we will be able to bring the healthcare of the region to a new qualitative level. ”

Nikolai Lyubimov and Oleg Karpov discussed new areas of cooperation, the most important of them are the implementation of the project on the development of rehabilitation assistance under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Pirogov Center, the joint implementation of telemedicine consultations and services, as well as internships for doctors of the region within the walls of the leading federal clinic.