May 25 in the Pirogov Center hosted the traditional Commencement Day — an extended solemn meeting of the Academic Council, in which prominent scientists — academicians and professors, Honorary doctors and Honored Professors of the Pirogov Center, representatives of the medical community, employees and students took part.

Opening the Commencement day, the meeting was welcomed by the founder and president of the Pirogov Center, Yury Leonidovich Shevchenko.

This year, on behalf of the Academic Council of the Pirogov Center with Commencement speech, the rector of the Institute of Improvement of Doctors of the Pirogov Center, Professor Leonid Dmitrievich Shalygin, who opened the program of the solemn event, delivered a speech “Postgraduate medical education: from the improvement courses to continuous medical education”.

At the end of the Commencement speech, the ceremony of handing the mantle, diploma and medals of the Honorary Doctor of the Pirogov Center to the president of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Ivanovich Martynov was held.

The Pirogov Prize of 2018 was granted to Boris Dmitrievich Komarov, Director of the Sklifosovsky Research Institute (1968-1986), Chief Scientific Officer, Department of High-Tech Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy, Moscow Clinical Research Center, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Academician Yury Shevchenko Prize was awarded to: Shchepetkova Lyudmila Vasilyevna — Honored Doctor of Russia, endocrinologist of the Pirogov Center therapy department, Priest Theodore Kuznetsov (St. Petersburg), Yury Ivanovich Gorokhovatsky — assistant professor, chief of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Department of the Pirogov Center, Nesterov Sergey Nikolaevich — Professor, Chief of the Department of Urology and Nephrology at the Pirogov Center, Sarzhevsky Vladislav Olegovich — Associate Professor, Hematologist, Oncologist at the Department of Hematology and Cellular therapy of the Pirogov Center.

Laureates of the European Order N.I. Pirogov became:

  • Abugov Sergey Aleksandrovich — Professor, Head of the Department of X-ray Endovascular Diagnostics and Treatment of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPO)
  • Chechetkin Alexander Viktorovich — Professor, Director of RNII Hematology and Transfusiology FMBA of Russia (St. Petersburg)
  • Germanovich Vladimir Vladimirovich — Associate Professor, Chief of Neurosurgery Department No. 1 of the Pirogov Center
  • Jodzhua Alhas Valterovich — Associate Professor, Chief of Traumatology and Orthopedics Department No. 2 of the Pirogov Center

Within the framework of the Commencement day, international medals were awarded: Medal of Teodor Bilroth and Medal of Rudolf Virchow, as well as the awarding of diplomas to the staff of the Pirogov Center.

Closing the solemn event, President of the Pirogov Center Yuri Leonidovich Shevchenko and General Director of the Pirogov Center Oleg Eduardovich Karpov congratulated the awardees, expressed sincere gratitude to all those present for their active participation in the Commencement Day, the creation of a friendly and benevolent atmosphere.