Since 2009 World Hand Hygiene Day, which was established by the World Health Organization (WHO), has been held worldwide on May 5 every year to draw attention to the problem of infections related to medical care and sepsis, to join the efforts of all representatives of the professional community with the purpose of improving and maintaining hand hygiene in medical organizations.

The Pirogov Center continues to implement a program to increase adherence to the hygiene of the hands of medical personnel. As part of the program, the staff of the Pirogov Center took part in the WHO action this year. On the eve of the “World Hand Hygiene Day ”, the head physician of the hospital, V.G. Gusarov presented a report on the importance of maintaining the hygiene of the hands of medical personnel. Awareness of health professionals and their commitment to the hygiene of the hands helps fight the spread of infections, thereby saving human lives.