In the consultative and diagnostic center (CDC) “Izmaylovsky” of the National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center there is introduced an effective X-ray method for early diagnosis of osteoporosis. Densitometry is recognized as the “gold standard” in the diagnosis of osteoporosis, as it combines a number of advantages: good sensitivity and specificity, high accuracy and ultra-low radiation dose. Timely diagnosis of osteoporosis allows in many cases to correct calcium metabolism in the body and prevent the development of complications.

Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease, in which the density of bone tissue decreases. There is a washing out of minerals from the bone tissue, resulting in the bones becoming fragile, acquiring a so-called porous structure which can break under the most normal loads. The disease, as a rule, is asymptomatic for a long time and is detected already in the late stage, when fractures occur.

To register for densitometry in CDC “Izmaylovsky” you can by the multi-channel phone +7 (499) 464-03-03.