In the Pirogov Center for the first time in Russia, a new venous stent VENOVO (Bard, USA) was implanted, recanalization and stenting of deep iliac veins were performed in a patient with the inferior vena cava syndrome fired after bilateral Ileofemoral thrombosis. The operation was carried out by the chief of the Department of X-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment, Professor A.G. Willer.

Until now, endovascular surgery for post-thrombotic disease has been partially limited by the impossibility of implanting existing venous self-expanding stents in functionally mobile zones — inguinal and popliteal folds. Balloon angioplasty without stenting in these areas always has an increased risk of reocclusion. The introduction into clinical practice of stents that are resistant to additional mechanical effects, significantly increases the efficiency of endovascular surgery of post-thrombotic disease, allows restoring the patency of both the iliac and femoral veins.

Thus, in patients suffering from post-thrombotic disease with any limitation period, there is a real opportunity to avoid an unfavorable course of the disease and improve the quality of life!

Complete preservation of the original geometry of the VENOVO stent under mechanical action