The stage of robot-assisted thymectomy

Specialists of the Pirogov Center continue to actively use robotic technologies in clinical practice — robot-assisted surgery in various fields, neuronavigation, surgical navigation in orthopedics, robotic medical rehabilitation, etc.

March 16, 2018 in the National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center two operations were performed using a robotic surgical system (RSS) “Da Vinci” in tumors of the mediastinum-thymus gland, one tumor reaching 94×82 mm. It should be noted that most experts agree on the inadvisability of removing tumors of a similar size using the minimally invasive technologies. In the available domestic literature, reports of similar operations were not recorded, and in the world over the past 1.5 years only isolated publications on the successful implementation of thymectectomy with the use of RSS in tumors with a size of 9 cm were noted.

Operations have passed regularly. The time of the operation did not exceed two hours and thirty minutes in both cases. Both patients feel well and are getting ready for discharge on the 4th day after the operation.

MSCT of the chest before surgery
MSCT of the chest before surgery
Extirpated tumor size up to 94x82 mm — thymoma