Hallux Valgus is a disease in which the thumb the leg deviates inwards, forming a painful lumpy protuberance, causing both physical, and aesthetic inconveniences. Most often, this pathology develops in women middle-aged, who prefer narrow uncomfortable shoes, and also with flat feet 2-3 degree, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.

In the Pirogov Center, a rich experience of conservative and surgical methods of treatment of this pathology. Depending on the degree of deformation, patient preferences, a certain set of measures aimed at correcting the existing violation. However, in most cases, the elimination of anatomical disturbance of the foot is possible only with using surgical techniques.

At present, the whole range of modern methods of surgical treatment of deformities of the front part of feet in the Pirogov Center is available under the mandatory medical insurance — free of charge under the Obligatory Medical Insurance program.

Consultations of orthopedic traumatologists within the framework of the Obligatory Medical Insurance program are conducted by the following specialists:

  • Vorontsova Ekaterina Olegovna (Wednesday, 10.00-14.00);
  • Vykhtar Mikhail Olegovich (Friday, 12.00-14.00).

Address: Moscow, Nizhnyaya Pervomayskaya street, 65.

Phone: +7 (499) 464-03-03.

For the organization of treatment of valgus deformity of feet for consultation it is necessary to bring direction, passport, OMI policy, foot snapshots in direct projection under load.