Magnetic resonance imaging is a method that allows to answer many questions about pathological processes in the human body. However, what to do when a pacemaker is installed?

Until recently, this was an absolute contraindication for MRI. Modern manufacturer’s capabilities of implantable devices allow to bypass prohibitions. If you have an MR-compatible pacemaker (artificial cardiac pacemaker), it is most likely that an MRI is not contraindicated for you. But in this case it is important to know and remember that there are still a number of limitations. Such studies are possible only on tomographs with a power of no more than 1.5 Tesla, the scan time is limited to 30 minutes, the pacemaker and electrodes should not have any damage. The pacemaker should be transferred to a safe mode with the help of a special wireless device (programmer), this is performed by the arrhythmologist. ECG monitoring is performed during the study.

The possibility of conducting a study with a pacemaker is indicated in the device’s passport (including the maximum power of the MRI device and the need to transfer to a safe mode that is compatible with the MR environment).

In the Pirogov Center there is an opportunity to conduct such MR studies, there are programs of almost all manufacturers of MR-compatible pacemakers, and it is also possible to consult an arrhythmologist about the possibility of conducting an MR study.

To take an appointment with the arrhythmologist, please use the common telephone number of the Center +7 (499) 464-03-03.