Electroencephalography is a method based on recording from the scalp of weak electric currents produced by the brain.

The scalp EEG remains the “gold standard” of differential diagnosis of epilepsy and other forms of paroxysmal impairment of consciousness. The most sensitive for the manifestation of interictal epileptiform activity is sleep.

Indications for video EEG monitoring:

  • Diagnosis of the form of epilepsy
  • Differential diagnosis of paroxysmal conditions — fainting, loss of consciousness, fading for a few seconds, sudden dizziness, unmotivated behavior, fragmentary memory loss
  • Survey of patients of candidates for surgical treatment of epilepsy — evaluation of inter-offense activity, registration of an attack to determine the source of the epileptogenic zone, analysis of seizure seizures
  • Diagnosis of psychogenic non-epileptic paroxysms
  • Sleep disturbances (night fears, nightmares, sleepwalking, sleeptalking)

The research method has earned its trust by its simplicity and security.

The recording is carried out with the application of electrodes according to the international system “10-20%”, reflecting the parameters of the locations of the main electrodes, which are calculated individually, taking into account the size of the head relative to the anatomical protrusions to improve the quality of the examination, more precise localization of the epileptiform activity focus and patient comfort.

The study takes place in a specially equipped chamber, where a synchronous video recording and recording of an electroencephalogram is conducted. The course of the procedure is constantly monitored by specialized nursing staff, ready at any time to eliminate possible problems during the study, to test the patient and to assist in the development of an attack.

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